• Vamos a viajar en el autobús

    In this Spanish-language animation students board the bus and head to school, following all of the rules along the way. 

    Grades: PreK-5
  • Vamos a dibujar

    In this Spanish animation, take a tour of a classroom gallery as a boy describes works of art that he and his classmates have made.

    Grades: K-5
  • Colombian Folktale: Pastorcita

    This video features the Colombian story Pastorcita in both English and Spanish. Pastorcita has many elements that are similar to “Little Bo Peep.” Pastoricta is a shepherd girl who has lost her sheep. When she does find them, they are missing their tails. After searching, she finds their tails and sews them back on with thread and honey.

    Grades: PreK-5
  • Baile como un pingüino

    This Spanish animation explores beats and rhythm as six different animals, including a shuffling penguin, move to their own slow, medium, and fast songs. 

    Grades: K-5
  • Encontrado mi lugar

    In the KET animated video Encontrado mi lugar, a boy describes his evening routine, which includes helping his parents with chores.

    Grades: K-5
  • En mi ciudad

    En mi ciudad, an animated video from KET, features a child and her father using a simple map to plan their activities for the day.

    Grades: K-5
  • Fotos del pasado

    In the KET animated video Fotos del pasado, a child looks at photographs of family members and events, making connections between the images she sees and her own experiences.

    Grades: K-5
  • Hagamos un trato

    Hagamos un trato, an animated video from KET, takes viewers to a playground where three children are trading toys.

    Grades: K-5
  • ¿Dónde está Magdalena?

    This Spanish animation takes children on a hunt through the backyard to find Magdalena, a missing cat. Students will need to use their knowledge about counting by ones and twos, sorting by color, and patterns to reunite Magdalena with her owner in time for dinner.

    Grades: K-5
  • Dentro de dos días

    This Spanish animated poem teaches students about simple concepts of time like night vs. day; and today, tomorrow and yesterday; while our narrator waits for his friend to arrive.

    Grades: K-5
  • Un plato saludable

    In this Spanish stop animation students will learn about healthy food choices, portions and how to make a balanced meal using the USDA My Plate model.

    Grades: K-8